Group of Companies

Genper Genleştirilmiş Perlit San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Started its operations in 1980, the Company is a leading, long established perlite manufacturer in Turkey. The facility located in Istanbul produces expanded perlite for a wide range of sectors. With decades of presence in the sector, the company has a wide portfolio of many local and international customers and encourages the use of perlite in other sectors by supporting all R&D efforts in the perlite sector. The current annual expanded perlite production capacity of this plant is over 10.000 tons.

In addition to expanded perlite production, Genper installs turnkey expansion facilities with its expert team and supplies production lines to local and foreign markets. Plant installation enriched the company’s field of activity, enabling the business to meet any needs of its customers.

Another core business of the company is the turnkey delivery of isolation works for Cold Box, Natural Gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen tanks at the project sites with 12x mobile expansion furnaces under its ownership.

Genper Mining Industry Trade Co. Ltd

The company started its activities in 2006 with main operation areas including perlite mining, crushing, screening and processing. The perlite ore extracted from the licensed perlite sites which have highly abundant perlite reserves are at a level to compete with all global perlite deposits in terms of both quality and expansion rate. Furthermore, the perlite mines operated has a homogenous structure and provides energy efficiency for customers as their expansion temperature is low. The processing plant produces perlite ore products in various sizes in line with the customer demand and they are exported worldwide after all required quality control processes are completed by experts in our laboratories before packaging.

Our crushing and screening plant in Kütahya organized Industrial Zone has around 300.000 tons annual production capacity.

Moreover, the perlite expansion unit within this the processing plant produces expanded perlite in any grades. The production capacity of expanded perlite is over 5.000 tons yearly

Ore Perlite Industry Trade Co. Ltd

Started operations in 2013, the company produces expanded perlite, mainly for agricultural use. Our customers supply perlite from our facility in Antalya mainly for greenhouses, seedling cultivation and organic agriculture applications.

GPM Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

The company was established to export mines and minerals with a focus on foreign trade.