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Perlite are siliceous volcanic rocks around whole world. Perlite’s unique property is expansion in its specific volume in 35 times when heated up to softening point.( 850 - 1150ºC)This expansion period can be reached by the help of water in rough mineral. If perlite mineral is heated more than 850° C (16000° F), water starts to evaporate and that cause expansion of rock. Small glass pieces brings unique lightness and physical properties of perlite.

Perlite means pearl stone and it is glassy volcanic rock with different colors from gray to black tones. Perlite takes the name of ORE PERLITE from here.Breaking rough perlite in desired dimensions and sizing them by sieving is named as CLASSIFIED PERLITE. EXPANDED PERLITE is perlite which lost its water because of fire shock applications and perlite with expanded grain volume up to 35 times as a result of this application. Expanded perlite is produced in different grain sizes in accordance to their sectors of usage.


"The Perlite Institute Inc." in ABD continue their studies according to institutional improvement needs and they continue their important and positive effects on this area.Reasons of establishing Perlite Insitute is summarized below,

  • * Providing acceptance of perlite in usage areas. Perlite is known but not well known mineral. But it has unique properties and advantages that not known by public and companies in commercial standards and reliable information
  • * Perlite sector can have bright future. But there must be campaign and helps in order to reach it.
  • * There is need for efficient and economical way for preparing product descriptions, providing information for users and consumers in order to their needs.

Genper is member of this organization and continues to follow innovations about technology around the world with all perlite producers in closely relationships.