Ore Perlite

Our company sells ore perlite for different kind of purposes such as Construction, Horticulture, Foundry, Cryogenic, Glass and Ceramic Industries in domestic and international markets . The main application areas of raw perlite ;

• It is enduring against of acids and bases used in the production of sewer pipe ,
• Internal and external construction plasters
• Used in construction with its durable feature against frost
• Water insulation on the roof and terrace ,
• To build swimming pool
• It provides heat insulation as plaster or used in the production of insulated lighweight structural elements ,
• Sand skating in Railways,
• Abrasive industry as an abrasive,
• The filter sand and gravel in the water filtering plants,
• Applications of asphalt road construction used as fill material,
• In the Casting sector as metallurgical flux,
• As an additive to the foundry sand ,
• Protection of the molten metal in the pot ,
• In the iron and steel industry for controlling of molten metal and slag
• Production of refractories ,
• Ceramic binder perlite refractory bricks
• Perlite refractory mortars ,
• Used in Ceramics and Glass industries
• Gypsum and construction chemicals ,

Our company has started to produce ore perlite recently but the raw perlite from our deposit is homogeneous and its expansion rate very high.The capacity of raw perlite facility 30 Ton /h