Mining Operations

Perlite Expansion Facilities

Modern and high capacity perlite expansion facilities manufactured by Genper are offered for sale to local and international customers, and these perlite production lines are delivered on site to our customers as turnkey projects. With more than 30 years of experience in perlite facilities manufacturing, Genper provides any technical support to its customers before and after sales through a guaranteed and quality service approach.

When manufacturing perlite production lines, all materials preferred to be used in the system are of high quality and heat-resistant. Standard expansion facilities manufactured have 1 ton/h production capacity. The company has many perlite facility references installed both locally and internationally. The facilities manufactured are compatible with global standards.


Micronized Perlite (Filter Perlite) : 70-120 kg/m3 
Cryogenic Perlite : 40-50   kg/ m3  
Construction Perlite : 50-60   kg/ m3  
Agricultural Perlite : 60-80 kg/m3